Ganges Jute Pvt Ltd has an experience of 80 years in  manufacturing and marketing a diverse range of jute products, comprising traditional jute items as well as diversified modern jute products. The company’s continued commitment to R&D, customer oriented approach and quality control measures have enabled them to offer this golden fibre for multi dimensional use to many satisfied customers.

The mission of Ganges Jute Pvt Ltd is to be the leading jute products manufacturer in terms of quality, efficiencies and margins by managing our partners, customers and associates in a productive and efficient manner.

Our vision is to reach a wide array of quality Jute products to newer markets and regions of the world, to popularize the use of this eco-friendly versatile fibre and to take it to the prominent position it truly merits. 

Efficient management of a continuously running jute mill demands judicious manpower planning, selection of qualified and experienced personnel and an appropriate organisation structure, clearly defining the function and responsibilities of managerial and supervisory staff in such diverse areas as administration, finance and budgetary control, purchase and sales, operation and maintenance, quality control, personnel management, plant security, etc.

The Board of Directors of Ganges Jute is constituted of technical, financial and business experts in the jute sector. The promoters of Ganges Jute Private Limited, whose names are mentioned below, are also the company's directors.

Mr. Abhishek Poddar
Mr Sumant Poddar
Mr Gaurav Singh

A bird's eye view of Ganges Jute Mill