A number of conventional, diversified and customised products are produced at Ganges Jute Pvt Ltd, each product having its pre-required specifications.

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There are two types of yarn:


Traditional yarn; and


Diversified yarn

Traditional Yarn

100% jute yarn counts ranging from 4.8 to 48 lb
Heavier yarns 80 lb to 150 lb
Twines and ropes


For traditional packaging such as sacking, hessian, carpets backing
As filing yarns for woven pile carpets
As insulation material in the cable industry
As fuse yarn in the explosive industry
In the foot ware industry
Geo-textile applications
As a rope in shipping industry
Some industrial woven cloth etc.

Diversified Yarn

Fine Yarns - 4 lb and below
Special Yarns such as bulk yarns, covered yarns, fancy yarns, etc.
Technical Yarns
Blended yarns


Blended with other natural and synthetic fibres
In high-value added furnishings
In carpets
In decorative fabrics
In home-textiles
In made-ups
In technical fabrics 
In apparel
In eco-friendly products
In carry bags
In soft luggage etc.

Exported to:
Belgium, Turkey, Egypt, African & USA

Exported volume: 88000 MT in 2002-03


Natural Yarns





Dyed Yarns


Blended Yarns