A Symphony of Juteness

Every product we offer is a testament to the unparalleled charm of pure juteness. We believe in harnessing the natural beauty of jute to create items that not only captivate the eye but also serve a purpose in your daily life.


Traditional Yarn


100% jute yarn counts ranging from 4.8 to 48 lb

Twines and ropes

Heavier yarns 80 lb to 150 lb

• For traditional packaging such as sacking, hessian, carpet backing

• As filing yarns for woven pile carpets

• As insulation material in the cable industry

• As fuse yarn in the explosive industry

• In the footwear industry

• Geo-textile applications

• As a rope in the shipping industry Some industrial woven cloth etc.

Diversified Yarn


Fine Yarns – 4 lb and below

Special Yarns include bulk yarns, covered yarns, fancy yarns, etc

Technical Yarns

Blended yarns

•  Blended with other natural and synthetic fibres

•  In high-value added furnishings

•  In carpets

•  In decorative fabrics

•  In home-textiles

•  In made-ups

•  In technical fabrics

•  In apparel

•  In eco-friendly products

•  In carry bags

•  In soft luggage etc.



A large variety of SPECIAL HESSIANS are manufactured by the Indian industry viz. bright, fine, and dyed /printed Hessians, dyed scrim fabrics, jute/ cotton and jute / synthetic union fabrics, jute/cotton buckram fabrics.

•To meet various packaging needs

•Meat wrappers


•Carpet backing

•Cement cleavage fabric for the building trade

•Linings for clothing

•Upholstery in the automobile industry

•Special Hessians are used in home furnishing, for making dress goods,

•As linings for hats, belts, shoes, etc., and also for bag making.



Sacking is a heavy, loosely woven cloth, either plain or twill, weighing from 12 oz to 24 oz a yard (327 gm to 744.1 gm a meter) of different widths. The fabric is ordinarily made from lower grades of fiber.

•Bulk of the sacking exported is in the form of a bag

•Used as containers for a variety of commodities



Jute geo-textile (JGT) is a kind of natural technical textile laid in or on soil to improve its engineering properties. JGT is made out of yarns obtained from the jute plant.

• Road construction

• River bank reinforcement

• Agricultural slope stabilization

• Civil engineering

• Soil erosion control



• Backpack bags

•  Gift bags

•  Shopping bags

•  Promotional bags

•  Beach bags

•  Children’s bags

•  Christmas bags

•  Cosmetic bags

•  Ladies bags

•  Designer bags

•  Wine Bottle bags

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