A number of conventional, diversified and customised products are produced at Ganges Jute Pvt Ltd, each product having its pre-required specifications.

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A general name applied to coarse fabrics used chiefly for the making of bags or sacks. They are made of jute / temp / flax and the number of threads per centimetre may very from 2 to over 12. Sacking is a heavy, loosely-woven cloth, either plain or twill, weighing from 12 oz to 24 oz a yard (327 gm to 744.1 gm a metre) of different widths. The fabric is ordinarily made from the lower grades of fibre.

Uses: Bulk of the sacking exported is in the form of bags, which are used as containers for a variety of commodities.

Exported to: Belgium, Australia, Germany

Exported volume: 8000 MT in 2003-04


The natural solutions to geo-technical problems, jute geo-textile (JGT) is a kind of natural technical textile laid in or on soil to improve its engineering properties. JGT is made out of yarns obtained from jute plain. It is rich in natural Cellulose & Lignin. Extensive R& D followed by field trials have proved efficacy of Jute Geo-textiles as a Potent, Economical & Eco-friendly material to address a number of Geo-technical problems.

Exported to: USA, West Europe