A number of conventional, diversified and customised products are produced at Ganges Jute Pvt Ltd, each product having its pre-required specifications.

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Hessian, (or burlap is a plan woven fabric weighing from 4 oz to 10 oz a yard (139.5 gm to 434.5 gm per metre) with a normal basic width of 40" (101.60 cm). Other widths are also produced on demand. A large variety of SPECIAL HESSIANS are manufactured by the Indian industry viz. bright, fine and dyed /printed Hessians, dyed scrim fabrics, jute/ cotton and jute / synthetic union fabrics, jute / cotton buckram fabrics.

The colour of the fabric requires manufacturing from good quality "white" jute.


To meet various packaging needs
Meat wrappers
Carpet backing
Cement cleavage fabric for the building trade
Linings for clothing
Upholstery in the automobile industry
Special Hessians are used in home furnishing, for making dress goods,
as linings for hats, belts, shoes, etc., and also for bag making.


Exported to: USA, Germany, UK

Exported volume: 59000 MT in 2003-04