A number of conventional, diversified and customised products are produced at Ganges Jute Pvt Ltd, each product having its pre-required specifications.

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An array of jute products find popular & fashion use in:

Sofa & cushion covers
Table covers
Tea cosy
Place mats
Napkins for table setting
Tea coasters
Carpets & rugs for floor covering or floor decoration
Handicraft items
Wall hanging in exquisite & gorgeous pieces


Our jute products are used in the manufacture of:

Fabrics for home & office dressing
Door & window curtains
Wall decorations
Dyed fabrics
Combo fabrics


These products are available in:

Delicate & rugged look
Textural variety
Ethnic & modern print
Aplomb fast colour
Amazing range with other accessories
Designer co-ordination with feel of luxury as per customer's choice



These products are made on machine or handloom.

Other diversified products like skirts, jackets, swing chairs, flower pot holders, blankets, slippers, bead curtains, dolls, soft luggage, briefcases, lamp shades, floor runners, panels, boards, are now being manufactured from jute. From fine silk, finished fabrics, versatile furnishings to intricately designed oriental carpets - jute makes them all. The products are ideal for homes, offices, and public places.


Jute tapes are mainly used in upholstery, christmas decoration, nursery, etc. These tapes are available in various sizes (width, length, breadth, etc.) and color combinations. Moreover these are available in various designs as per customer's requirement.